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Iron Lion Digital specializes in shooting and editing professional, high-quality videos.

We have been telling stories and creating videos for years. This is what we thrive at. 
Videos are engaging. Videos are memorable. Videos are the best form of media to show the online world your product or service so people buy from you. 

If you are not using video, you are missing out on capturing hundreds, potentially thousands of customers interested in doing business with you. 

If you are using video but it’s not high-quality or engaging, your product or service may not come across as professional, turning potential customers away. 

Do you need just one video completed? 
Maybe a series of videos for a particular project? 
What about videos to post regularly for your social media channels? 

Iron Lion Digital can help with all things video-related to help truly capture and retain the attention of new customers to help grow your business. 

What kind of videos do we specialize in?

The variety of videos used to market to your audience is endless, and we cover just about everything. 
If you simply have a beautiful looking product you need to show off, wouldn’t a carefully crafted video be the best way to show it off to the world? Doesn’t your business deserve that? How are people going to know about how amazing your service or product is if they don’t see it for themselves?
In order to stand out above your competition, your finished videos will look crisp, nicely edited and well thought out with Iron Lion Digital. 

Your story needs to include the absolute best sound bites that match up with the perfect, eye-catching b-roll and appropriate music for a captivating video that’s well worth watching and sharing over and over again for years. We have done this numerous times for our clients, and it’s amazing to be a part of. 

For social media purposes, we shoot all of your content in vertical format. This is currently dominating social media platforms with the majority of viewers online consuming content on their phones. The vertical format allows the video to take up the phone’s entire screen, as opposed to the traditional horizontal format. 

Quality and professional video content tailored to your business, product or service is what separates us from all other digital marketing agencies. 

We have the experience and the creativity to come up with amazing, quality video that is sure to make you say “wow.” 
Your videos will definitely not suck. 
We don’t promise a lot of things, but we will promise you that. 


We shoot and edit high-quality photos to help promote your business, product or service. Photos are included for our clients who need content created and posted monthly.
We do not offer a separate photography service. Photos are only offered for clients who use our video services. 
**We are not a photography agency. We are not professional photographers. We do not adjust our cameras for photography. We do not take pictures for special occasions and events like weddings. We specialize in video. Our cameras are set up to capture video.**

Monthly Shoots

There aren’t many digital marketing agencies that make the effort to come to you on a monthly basis to shoot your videos and pictures for fresh content. 

It’s the #1 thing that we feel separates us and makes us unique. 

We want our clients to feel comfortable knowing that the person they are meeting is real and truly cares about portraying their product or service in the most professional way possible online. 

It’s important that we have a full understanding of you and your business prior to creating content. This is only done through meeting in person. 

We ask the necessary questions and record your answers on camera to find out all the details about your product or service before we get started with anything. 

This helps us better understand how to create your content so that it comes across as genuine.  It also helps us when it comes to writing the copy for your posts. We can’t write about something we aren’t familiar with. That’s not fair to our clients. 

By doing a deep dive into your business and having the conversation recorded, we have material to use for content, and a better understanding of how to portray your business.

We also want our customer’s content to be posted consistently and updated continually to keep up with every season all year round.

We don’t want to post a video of you in a sweatshirt when it’s actually summer and 80 degrees outside. Same with a picture of someone wearing flip flops in the spring when it’s actually wintertime and there’s ice on the roads. 

Your audience is going to know if your content is outdated. 

Having fresh material is a necessity. This is why our monthly shoots are so instrumental in the marketing process. 

A lot of our clients are shy or uncomfortable going on camera, especially if they’ve never done it before. That’s totally normal! 

We’d like to think that after the literally thousands of interviews and shoots we’ve conducted over the years, that we make the filming experience enjoyable. The goal is to keep it all conversational and real. If you know your business in and out, you’re going to be fine. We’ll guide you through the entire way. 

Don’t worry about stumbling over your words, that’s why we edit. If we don’t think you’re showing enough emotion, or maybe it’s too over the top…we’re going to let you know. We’re not afraid to tell you when you need to smile more, or maybe tone it down a bit. It’s not to put you down or hurt your feelings, it’s to ensure that we are putting out the very best content that potential customers are going to enjoy and relate to. You don’t want to bore them, but you also don’t want to scare them off. 

The more we work with our clients, the more comfortable they get after each shoot. 


Editing is the most time consuming part of creating engaging, professional and quality video. 

Editing is a lengthy process, and quite frankly an art. It requires a tedious amount of work. Videos come to life in the editing process. Emotions are brought to new levels when the proper music and wording coincide. 

This is how you capture and retain the attention of your audience. 

We spend literally hours editing daily. We have been editing content for decades, pumping out dozens of engaging videos for each of our clients on a monthly basis, or creating projects that our clients are looking to complete for their business. 

Storytelling, educational, how tos, interviews, walk and talks…these types of videos require a lot of attention. But what makes it easier for us is all the content we edit is specific to your business because we use the footage we shot with you!

For potential clients that say they can shoot video on their own, we ask ‘how do you plan on editing it?’
How well is it going to be edited if you don’t have any experience? 
Are you going to be proud of the work? 

It’s easy to tell when someone takes the time to create a really engaging, quality piece of content. At the same time, it’s easy to spot when someone slaps something together just for the sake of posting it. Nothing makes us cringe more than when we see businesses post poorly edited videos. It portrays the product or service as unprofessional.

Don’t do this to yourself! Your brand and image doesn’t deserve this and it will be detrimental in the long run. 

You may have the equipment to shoot, but do you have the software needed to edit?
Do you have the licensing to add music and motion graphics?
Most importantly, do you have the time and skill? 

Because we are experts at editing, we are able to dissect the important information, remove the unnecessary contents, and splice and dice up our footage to make for a quality video worth watching every time. 

And we love doing it. 

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