Drone coverage

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We are FAA Part 107 Licensed Drone Pilots. We operate drones that are insured and FAA registered.

Aerial coverage has been dominating online, and we’re so excited to offer it to our clients.

Flying drones is fun and gives people an entirely new perspective on the world in ways we’ve never seen before. 

It’s a truly amazing technology, and the future of it seems to be progressing in the right direction and growing in popularity. 

Drone coverage looks great all year-round. 

In the Spring and Summer the colors are bright and vibrant, the grass is nice and green and the weather conditions are ideal. 

In the fall, the beautiful shades of green, yellow, red, and orange from the leaves provide stunning footage from above that leave you breathless. 

In the winter, the snow covering the trees, buildings and ground is content that will truly have you in awe when you see it from a bird’s eye view..


You can’t pick up a drone and fly anywhere at any height at any time like the public and most recreational pilots think. There are dozens of rules and regulations when it comes to flying. Do not try to do it yourself if you don’t have a license. This can lead to big time fines from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) if your footage is posted online and shows you violating laws or flying in restricted areas.  It’s not worth it! 

It’s critical to use licensed and insured pilots, like us at Iron Lion, for all drone coverage promoting your business. 

As licensed and insured pilots, we conduct a pre-flight exam of the location to make sure it’s safe to fly in that area. We have special software and apps we use that display secure places to fly, or allow us to request approval to fly if we have to. Sometimes, you simply can’t fly depending on the location. 

The weather plays a factor when shooting or planning a shoot. You can’t fly drones in the rain, heavy wind or snow.  If any of these conditions exist, we’ll either have to wait for it to clear, or postpone. This is something that nobody can control except Mother Nature herself. Either way, we’ll wait for the perfect conditions so we can record the perfect footage. 

Let us capture stunning 4K images and videos from the sky for you. 

We are experienced, licensed pilots who know how and what to shoot while flying the skies. 

You’ll be amazed at how beautiful the world is from a bird’s eye view.


The goal of running your business is to attract new, paying customers so you continue to grow. 

You want leads, but you want them to be serious so your time isn’t wasted.

You can advertise your business the traditional way through billboards, magazines, TV and radio. You can spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars this way. 

Here’s the problem. 

You are putting your ad out there for everyone to see and listen to. Adults, kids, males and females…everybody. 

How do you know how effective your campaign is if you can’t track who’s seeing it? You aren’t targeting the right people who are serious about doing business with you. Does that make sense for your budget?

Now think of all the eyes on social media. Everyone and their grandmother is also on Facebook and Instagram. People are constantly on their phones or computers scrolling away. You need to be present there and capture their attention with the content we create for you. 

What’s the difference between advertising online with social media and traditional advertising?  

With social media advertising, we can target the exact audience you want so your ads pop up in their feeds. Age, gender, specific area(s), income level, likes, interests…all these categories can be narrowed down to people you want to do business with, eliminating unqualified leads to help save you time. 

We can track the analytics and make changes to our campaign based on how it’s performing. At any point, you can also turn an ad on or off…or have it run for a set amount of time. 

It’s the most convenient, effective and efficient way to advertise. 

If you want to dominate your area where you service people, we can drop a pin on a map and create a radius covering specifically where you want people to see that ad.

As far as your advertising budget, that’s up for you to decide. We make recommendations, but it’s just like any form of advertising. The more you spend, the more eyes will see it, the more leads you will get.

Our ads managers write engaging copy for you that will capture the attention of potential customers. However, Facebook and Instagram are particular about certain words and phrasing, and your ad can be rejected almost immediately if you don’t meet their standards.

This is why it’s so important to have someone from our team who’s only responsibility is managing your ads. 

As simple as it sounds, there’s a very complex system of how Facebook and Instagram ads operate on the backend of these social networks. If you aren’t closely monitoring them on a daily basis, the performance could slip up and you could lose out on the money you’re spending. 

We highly encourage our clients to let us handle this. It is not worth your time to figure out how online advertising works if you’re not familiar with it. 

We are experts in this field. 

We know how to run ads effectively. 
We know how to write engaging copy and headlines for people to take action. 
We know how to quickly make changes to Facebook and Instagrams ever-changing policies for optimal performance. 
We know how to attract leads for you. 

We do not work with clients who think they know social media advertising better than our experienced ads managers. Previous clients who have wanted to try things their way in the past have failed. 

The clients who trust us with their ads and listen to our advice and recommendations are the ones who see the best results. 

If that sounds like you, let’s talk and start advertising online!    


Arguably one of the most stressful things business owners worry about is posting to their social media channels and making the effort to do so on a daily basis. 

Let us take care of this for you!

Don’t be one of the business owners we’ve heard these excuses from:

“I can post on my own, just hand me the content.”

“I’ve gone hard posting on social media but wasn’t consistent after a couple weeks.”

“I know I need to post content but I don’t have the time to do it or know what to post.”

“We’ve had someone manage our content before but didn’t do what we asked, or didn’t let us approve anything before it was posted.”

You need to post content everyday, there’s no exception here. It’s absolutely necessary to grow your business online. Celebrities, personalities and top brands all post at least once a day to give their followers the content they’re seeking out. 

Being on a schedule is even better because then your followers look forward to your content at the same time every day, almost like a TV show. 

By interacting with the latest tactics and trends and reviewing our analytics to see what performs best and what doesn’t, we help you stay relevant online with the content we create for you. 

Our goal is to get you qualified followers that actually engage with your content. It’s easy to pay for followers if you want to show off, but how many of them are actually interested in your content and would be willing to pay you for your product or service? Isn’t that what matters most?

Content marketing is one way to drive real followers to your page. Staying consistent enough will attract new people every single day who enjoy what they see from you. Using the proper hashtags will also drive new followers to your page when they search. This is also why we run ads for you. When new people engage with your content after it shows up in their feeds, we can ‘invite’ them to like your page. This increases your following with people who are actually interested. 

Running ads helps attract new people to your page along with posting content daily. When we attract new people to your page, we want them to check out all the content we provide you with. We want them to see all the videos and pictures we’ve posted on a daily basis so they’re informed on what it is you offer and then make a decision to do business with you - hopefully before you even have to pitch or sell them. 

Let’s say you’re going out on a date and you want to see what the restaurant offers or what it looks like inside. Nowadays, people are not going to just view the menu. They’re going to the restaurant’s Facebook, Instagram or website to see the content they’ve posted to help potential customers make a decision. 

When there are high quality pictures and videos of the delicious looking food in an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, it allows the customer to make an easier decision.

As opposed to a restaurant that doesn’t provide their customers with any content to view. Potential customers can’t make a firm decision because they don’t know what they’re going to pay for. There’s no visual to give them guidance. 

Better yet, wouldn’t you want to hear from the chef or owner themselves about how they freshly prepare their food, where they get their ingredients from, how they prepare it right in front of you, and show the end result? 

This doesn’t apply to just the restaurant business. This applies to every business in America, including yours. 

That’s why high quality and professional videos and pictures are so important. If you allow us to post the content we create for you on a consistent basis, people are going to start paying attention. They will start sharing the content with people, and commenting and tagging others. 

It also builds your reputation of being transparent, honest and engaging with your followers. It’s an absolute necessity today.

Don’t expect to grow your pages to 1 million followers overnight. Not saying it’s impossible, but it takes patience and commitment to growing your online presence. 

The best part about working with Iron Lion Digital is that we use your content. It’s real and authentic. We don’t post things just to post. We take the time to create content that’s specific to your product or service and get it out there every single day so it’s top of mind to your followers. 

We want them to be thinking of you and discussing your content regularly, and then pay you for your service. 

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