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Hey everyone! Thanks for checking us out. 

I’m Nate Stewart, owner of Iron Lion Digital. I was born in Baltimore and raised in Finksburg, Maryland. 

I graduated from Westminster High School in 2009 and later graduated from York College of Pennsylvania in 2013 with majors in Mass Communications and Public Relations. 

In March of 2014, I got my first on-camera job as a News Reporter at WHAG News in Hagerstown, Maryland. 

January of 2016 is when I took the Lambeau Leap out to Green Bay, Wisconsin where I was hired as a full-time Morning News Anchor at WFRV-TV Local 5. I also took on roles as a lifestyle host, investigative reporter, producer, photographer, editor, and whatever else was needed. 

I set up the majority of the in-studio interviews for our morning show, giving dozens of business owners, non-profits, government officials, organizations, and even everyday individuals the opportunity to use our platform to spread the word about their cause. It was my way of trying to help as many people in the area as I could, while also trying to raise our show’s viewership by having so many guests from the community on.  In 2018, my team and I were nominated for an Emmy, the first time that had ever been accomplished for the morning show in the station’s history.

I was also our ‘Hometown Heroes’ reporter - a weekly segment dedicated to telling the stories of local veterans from all generations and branches of the military. I had the opportunity to set up all of the interviews myself, visit the vets in person, shoot the interview and footage myself, edit it myself, and present it every single Friday. It was a true highlight of my job that I was very grateful for. 

I loved every part of my time on TV. I was able to use my platform as an anchor to help give hundreds of people a voice. I formed many friendships and have no regrets. 

However, I dreaded having to read negative news stories every single day. Even though I knew what I signed up for and as much as I wanted to help people, the majority of my time was spent talking about all the bad things that were happening locally and around the country on a daily basis. 

On top of having to wear a suit and tie everyday, be clean shaven and watch what I say at all times both in person and online at the risk of losing my job -  it simply wasn’t for me in the long run. I knew I had to leave the news business entirely and make a change that was better suited for me. 

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic in May of 2020, after nearly 8 years into my TV career, I turned down an extension on my contract in Green Bay and started Iron Lion Digital to continue my passion for helping others. It was the best career decision I have ever made. 

Using the skills, knowledge and experience I gained from my career in television news, I know how to deliver quality, professional and custom videos and content tailored to your business's needs. 

To me, building a relationship with our clients is so important before any work can be done. I believe that taking the time to get to know you, the business, your goals, is how we can best deliver the results you’re looking for. Just like when I was telling stories and conducting interviews daily on TV. I had to ask all sorts of questions and find out as much important information as I could to put together a compelling story or interview worth watching. The same goes with how we establish a strong foundation with our clients, and continue to build on it every single day the more we work together. 

When I’m not working, I love spending time with my wife Bri and our beautiful little girl Mila Mae. I am also very close with my entire family on both sides. I enjoy flying my drones, exercising, golfing, fishing, cheering on the Ravens and Packers, and following most major sports. 

We moved to Philadelphia from the midwest in March of 2021 to be closer to our families again. We’ve been here ever since. We love Philly. We got married at Water Works in 2019 and always imagined we would end up living here. 

I appreciate you taking the time to get to know myself and Iron Lion Digital. 

We can’t wait to hear how we can help you! 

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