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We are your videographer, photographer, editor, social media planner, and ads manager. 

We are your one stop shop for all your digital marketing and video needs. 

We are Iron Lion.

High-quality videos, crisp photos, and a consistent presence online is a must in this digital age to help successfully grow your business - no matter what field you’re in or what you offer.

In today’s world, everyone young and old is constantly scrolling through their phones, tablets, laptops and computers searching for content that will educate or entertain them. They could also be looking for a reliable business, product or service that they are interested in buying from. 

If you aren't capturing their attention, you’re missing out converting them to paying customers. If you’re missing out on paying customers, you’re missing out on your business making more money. 

How do you stand out online when content is being distributed by millions of people and businesses like yours every single day? 

How do you handle the difficult and time-consuming tasks of creating quality content and posting consistently on your social media channels?

How do you know what equipment to use and what software is needed to ensure that your content is being edited and uploaded correctly and efficiently on a daily basis?

You can spend thousands of dollars hiring just a videographer. Then you need the videographer to hand off their footage to an editor which you would also need to hire and pay. 

Then you need the editor to hand the content off to someone who can schedule it out. Is that person also going to write the copy? Who is going to run your ads? 

Why spread yourself thin paying different people for different things, having communication lost in the mix and not knowing when you’ll even see your final product? Let alone be happy with it. 

Iron Lion Digital handles all of these tasks for you - saving you time, stress and money.

Simply put, we go above and beyond. 

We believe we are one of the very few digital marketing agencies out there that offers all these things in convenient packages that work best for you and your business. 

We’ve heard it all. 

“I tried marketing my business online and created content for two weeks before I had to tend to other responsibilities. I wasn’t consistent enough and it took too much time.”

“I had a buddy run my Facebook ads but he didn’t really know what he was doing. We spent thousands on advertising and saw nothing in return.”

“The last person we hired to manage our digital marketing didn’t do the things they said they would. We know we need to be present online, but we don’t want to be let down again with empty promises.”

“I know this is a crucial part of my business but I honestly don’t know anything about posting content on social media or digital marketing. I need someone I can trust who knows what they’re doing so we can get seen by more people.”

“I just want a video project completed to update our website and run ads with, but I want it to look great and exceed my expectations”

We’re confident that once we start working together and apply our methods and tactics to help your business get discovered more online, you’ll have a huge weight lifted off your shoulders knowing that all your digital marketing is being taken care of on a daily basis by a talented and skilled team who cares about your success. 

We work with established businesses and individuals who are willing to trust us, willing to work with us as a team, willing to take a step back from their prior marketing strategies, and willing to take advice from us when necessary. 

The goal is to partner with you for the long run. This is only possible if everyone is on the same page and communicates thoroughly so that the goals we set out for you are being checked off and accomplished. We love when our clients reach milestones and win! 

We encourage you to check out the entire website and view the videos we’ve created for our clients, the stunning aerial coverage we provide with our top-of-the-line drones, and watch the testimonials about how impressed, relieved and extremely satisfied people are after working with us. 

Welcome to Iron Lion Digital. We can’t wait to work together with you. 

What separates Iron Lion from other digital marketing agencies? 

The number one thing we pride ourselves on at Iron Lion is coming to our clients on a monthly basis to shoot high quality videos and photos tailored to their product or service. 

While other digital marketing agencies ask you to provide them with material and don’t take the time to understand your business and your goals, we create custom videos and pictures focused solely on what you’re selling. 

We take the time to interview you and your team one-on-one so that we have an understanding of the story behind your business. 

It’s important for us to meet you in person monthly, and for you to meet the person that’s going to be handling all your online content. We can only begin to gain your trust by showing how much it matters to us that we dissect and truly comprehend where your business has been, where it is now, and where you’d like it to go.

Iron Lion Digital stands out above the other guys because we offer everything you need in one spot to help your business get discovered online by potential customers. 

With us, you won’t have to hire different people for all the different duties and responsibilities that are required for effective digital marketing that delivers results. 

With too many people, communication gets lost, the work isn’t completed on time, and you’re left spending thousands of dollars trying to keep things afloat. Isn’t the goal to pay for digital marketing services so that you have less stress and more time for other things? 

On top of getting a team to help with all your online needs, your content is going to look amazing. We’ve had clients reach out solely because they saw our videos online and wanted the same great quality. Check out the videos section and watch the variety of projects we’ve completed for our customers. 

Our professional cameras and equipment are specifically meant for capturing stunning videos and images that will wow you and your viewers. Our microphones record audio that sounds and feels like you’re at the shooting location, picking up every subtle sound that is nearby. Our drones shoot in 4K for jaw-dropping aerial views that will have you speechless. 

Unlike a phone that spends the majority of the time in your pocket - getting dropped, scratched, cracked and banged up. Your business deserves the best quality - at least that’s how we feel. 

What’s most important to our clients is that we understand you are trusting us with your business’s image online. This is a huge responsibility on our end, and one that we take very seriously. 

This is your baby. Maybe you’ve owned the company for years and you’re ready to take this leap into the online world. Maybe you bought out a company from someone else and want to keep the reputation strong with a quality presence online. 

Whatever the case is, we understand what your business means to you. 

We ensure that every client that partners with Iron Lion receives thorough communication and a solid team effort from everyone involved so you feel confident trusting us with your business’s online presence.

How does our monthly content marketing process work? 

A consistent social media presence with quality and engaging videos and pictures is how you grow and get discovered online. 

Our team at Iron Lion Digital post daily to your social media channels through our software that we provide you access with. With us, you’ll have one custom piece of content posted every single day. 

We then take the content our videographers have shot and edit it ourselves. We then write the copy for each post using engaging text and specific hashtags that are relevant to the piece of content.

Next, we conveniently schedule out the content we’ve created on a monthly calendar that we provide you access with so you can see exactly what’s being posted and when. You even have access to edit the copy and recommend other changes before any of your content gets posted. 

Being transparent with our clients is very important to us. It helps build more trust and allows everything to progress smoothly with little to no issues.

What about running ads on my social media channels?

We use experienced ads managers whose only job is to manage ads for our clients. 

Our ads managers take the content we’ve created, write engaging copy with a strong call to action, and run them on your social media platforms so they perform at their absolute best to attract leads that turn into paying customers. 

We provide the opportunity for you to meet them via Zoom. We believe it’s important that you get to know the people who will be running your content, and for them to fully understand and ask specific questions about your product or service so they can run your ads effectively. This is so you’re confident knowing that your ads and your budget are in good hands with people who want to help you succeed and understand the goals you want to accomplish. 

We do not want to waste your precious advertising money. We strive for you to achieve a positive ROI on your investment by attracting leads regularly. This may require us making changes to the content or copy we are advertising to achieve the best results. We will always update you with how your ads are performing, and suggest recommendations that we believe will help deliver the results you’re looking for. 

I only need one or a few videos completed for a business project. Do you provide that?

Yes we do! You can learn more about this in our ‘Videos’ tab. 

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